University corridors for refugee students UNICORE

Often, young refugees do not have the opportunity to continue their studies in the country where they have obtained international protection. However, there are special programs for obtaining visas for study purposes and scholarships to study at universities. One of these programs in Italy is called UNICORE-University Corridors for Refugees.

UNICORE, University Corridors for Refugees, is a project that wants to give students with refugee status the opportunity to continue their university studies in Italy

UNICORE is promoted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
The project was created in 2019 and has helped 20 students with refugee status to arrive from Ethiopia to Italy to attend a degree program.

The application for the UNICORE 2021-2022 project must be sent from 1st March to 1st April 2021. 

 The project is open to students who:

  • they are recognized with refugee status and residing in Ethiopia
  • have a qualification valid to be admitted to a second cycle degree program
  • have a GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 3.0 according to the Ethiopian education evaluation system
  • have a degree obtained in or after 2016 but no later than March 31, 2021
    NOTE: For some universities, this is not necessary. We recommend that you check the enrollment requirements for the university course of your choice.
  • have all the admission requirements necessary to be admitted to the degree course
  • have never been enrolled in a degree program in any of the participating university 
  • must be proficient in English

Students who meet these criteria can use the UNICORE platform to see the courses and programs that adhere to the project. You can find more information for each course by clicking on “more info”, available under each program.

In any case, the application must be sent to the university of one’s choice following the indications and documentation established.

The selection of students takes place in 2 stages:

Phase 1: Evaluation of documents
Students are selected on merit, therefore meaning on the basis of their academic background.

The application is examined by the University of the student’s choice, through a specific commission.

Phase 2: Online Interview
Students who pass the first assessment phase face an online interview with the commission that assesses their skills and their technical preparation.

Once selected, students get administrative and financial support to apply for a study visa and to arrive in Italy, apply for admission to courses, and receive scholarships to cover the living expenses.

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