Working in Italy

Finding a job is the most important thing when you arrive in a new country. It is usually not easy and it can take a long time. You might not manage to find a job even after searching for some time. Searching for a job depends on many different causes, including the economic situation in the country. However, there is some useful information and advice that can help you.

Fake job postings or scams

When reading job postings you need to be very careful not to respond to fake advertisements. Fake job advertisements are…

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The start of a new job

Starting a new job is very stimulating because it gives us the opportunity of a new start and to take…

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The program Garanzia Giovani

Garanzia Giovani is a European program to help young people get into the job market. Italy participates in this program…

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Work opportunities in the agricultural sector

If you are currently looking for a job, you can try looking for opportunities in the agricultural sector for seasonal…

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Where to search for vacancies

There are several ways to search for vacancies. You can start telling people you know, search the area you live…

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Understanding job postings

Some job postings and offers can be difficult to understand, especially when the knowledge of the Italian language is still…

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