Working in Italy

Finding a job is the most important thing when you arrive in a new country. It is usually not easy and it can take a long time. You might not manage to find a job even after searching for some time. Searching for a job depends on many different causes, including the economic situation in the country. However, there is some useful information and advice that can help you.

The start of a new job

Starting a new job is very stimulating because it gives us the opportunity of a new start and to take…

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Employment Center (Centro per l’Impiego)

The employment center (Centro per l'Impiego) is a public office that offers free services to assist job placement and vocational training…

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Where to search for vacancies

There are several ways to search for vacancies. You can start telling people you know, search the area you live…

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How to prepare yourself for the job search

The job search is a challenging experience for everyone, and sometimes even discouraging. It certainly can be more difficult for…

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Prepare for a job interview

The job interview (colloquio di lavoro) is a meeting that takes place between the job seeker and the employer to…

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Most used questions in an interview

Once you’ve got the job interview, you need to be prepared for it. During the interview the recruiter will ask…

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