Scholarships for international students and refugees

If you want to enroll at university, or already go to university, you can try applying for a scholarship. The scholarship is economic support to pay for the University. Read how to find this contribution and how it works.

ItaliaHello DOES NOT OFFER scholarships.
We collect and share revised and certain information shared by universities and other Italian organizations. If you want to apply or have more specific information, we recommend that you contact the university you are interested in directly at the addresses you find on the page.

If you plan to continue studying after secondary school, you also need to find out about the expenses. In fact, from primary school to secondary school the costs are relatively low, but university can cost more. 

Luckily, some students can apply for scholarships, which are an economic support towards expenses sustained during the studies. Scholarships are not a loan and, therefore, do not need to be repaid or returned. This is a support given to students that can take various forms:

  • Free accommodation at the university
  • Reduced or no entry fees
  • Cash contributions to be used to pay for University

Below, you will find some information on scholarships to attend university in Italy. The deadline for applying is usually in the first months of the year until spring. Sometimes, you can apply until the summer months.

Universities usually award scholarships on the basis of three elements:

  • Economic situation: low-income students 
  • Merit: students with high grades
  • Students with disabilities

These criteria are used for all students, Italian and foreign. Scholarships too can be requested by Italian and foreign students, including students with refugee status.

Each university offers various types of scholarships and might have different ways of helping students. You must always check the University website for the most updated information.
Many Italian universities have websites with information available in English: you can search by writing “scholarships” or “grants.” If you do not find the information you are looking for on the site, call or visit the offices of your university in person.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships to foreign students

The details may change each year, but scholarships are usually offered for:

  • 2nd level degree courses (Laurea Magistrale di 2° ciclo)
  • Professional, artistic and musical training courses (AFAM) 
  • Research doctorates 
  • Research projects
  • Italian language and culture courses for foreign citizens studying at an Italian university

For each course, there are academic qualifications, level of knowledge of the Italian language (for courses in Italian), and other requirements, which you will need to check. You can ask for more information directly from the school you want to attend.

Applications must be sent online on the “study in Italy” portal by the set deadline. If you submit your application late, after the deadline, your application will not be considered.

In the search for scholarships, it might be useful to check the sites of the regional authorities. In fact, each Italian region manages funds that are used to help people complete their studies.

Below you will find links to the regional pages currently available:

Friuli Venezia Giulia


Trentino – Alto Adige

Valle D’Aosta

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