ISEE: what it is and what it is for

The ISEE (Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente) is the document that demonstrates the current economic situation of a nuclear family. All Italian and foreign citizens residing in Italy who want to receive economic support from the Government must present the ISEE.

The ISEE or Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente is the document that shows the economic situation of a family. It indicates, in fact, which income bracket that family belongs to.

What is the ISEE for?

All Italian and foreign citizens residing in Italy who want to receive economic support from the government must have the ISEE. Economic support, also called prestazione, can be in money or through services. Through the ISEE, therefore, it is assessed whether a family is entitled to receive economic support based on their economic situation.

For example, you will have to present the ISEE to request these types of support:

  • health ticket exemption for low income;
  • assistance to disabled or non-self-sufficient people;
  • family unit allowance, large family allowance;
  • maternity allowance, baby bonus, nursery bonus, babysitter bonus, etc;
  • discounts on tuition fees, canteens, scholarships, book bonuses;
  • discounts on gas, water or electricity bills (also called social bonuses);

How is the ISEE calculated?

The ISEE is based on the income (such as work earnings) and assets (for example if you own a house) of all the people who are part of the same household divided by the number of family members

To calculate the ISEE, they will ask you for your family unit number. It means: all the people who live and have their residence in the same house, and are linked to each other by marriage, kinship, adoption, guardianship, etc. For example, a nephew who resides and lives in his uncle’s house is included in the household for the uncle’s ISEE calculation.

For more information read Il nucleo familiare ai fini ISEE

How to do the ISEE?

The ISEE is a document issued by the INPS. In order to create it, INPS needs some data. All the necessary data is sent to INPS through a document called the Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica (DSU). INPS examines the data and then creates the ISEE within a few days.

To send the DSU to INPS you can request free assistance at:

  • CAF (Fiscal Assistance Centers) or Patronati;
  • INPS, directly at the counter;
  • Online, only via the pre-compiled ISEE form.

In the DSU document there are various sections with various information that you have to fill in related to the economic support you want to request to the Government. You must inform the person who will help you with the request what you need the ISEE for. Based on this, the person will ask you for the information and documents necessary to obtain the right ISEE. Here is an example of the DSU document to be filled in to request the ISEE.

To be entitled to one or more services or economic aid from the State, you must complete the correct ISEE.

This means that you must enter specific information in the DSU document to be sent to INPS in order to then calculate the ISEE.

Based on the information sent and the service you want to request, you must choose one of the following ISEE models:

  • ISEE ordinario or standard (ordinary or standard) which contains basic information on the economic situation and the members of the family nucleus. This type of ISEE is valid for most services;
  • ISEE Minorenni (ISEE minors) must be requested for services such as nursery school fees, nursery school, school books, etc.;
  • ISEE Università (ISEE university) must be requested for services such as discounts on fees, scholarships, etc.;
  • ISEE Sociosanitario (ISEE social health) must be requested for services such as health ticket exemption, assistance to disabled or non self-sufficient people, etc.;
  • ISEE Corrente (ISEE current) is used to update your income if you are a worker and you have had a change for the worse in your economic situation (for example you have lost your job).

Remember to inform the person who will help you request the ISEE for which service you need, to have the right ISEE.

You must have the ISEE if you need to request economic support from the Government.

Otherwise, no citizen is required by law to have the ISEE. Therefore there are no penalties for those who do not apply for the ISEE (unlike other obligations, such as the tax return).

At the moment, assistance in requesting the ISEE is free in all CAFs, Patronati or INPS desks.

You can request the ISEE by sending the completed DSU at any time of the year.

However, remember that the DSU presented during the year expires on December 31 of the same year. To continue receiving the benefit also in the new year, you will have to resubmit (or renew) the DSU by 31 January of the new year. Otherwise, you will no longer be entitled to the benefit.

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