La Certificazione Unica (CU): what it is and what it is for

La Certificazione Unica (CU) is a document that allows you to show the income or earnings that you get as an employee or freelancer each year. Find out how it works and why it matters.

In Italy, in order to access some procedures or services, you will have to prove your personal or family income, through some specific documents. For example, if you need to renew your residence permit for work, you will need to show your earnings through the Certificazione Unica (CU).

What is the Certificazione Unica (CU)?

The Certificazione Unica (CU) is the document that shows how much you have earned in a working year. You receive it in the first months of the new year and shows the income of the previous year. For example, at the beginning of 2023 you will receive the CU with your 2022. 

From whom do you receive the Certificazione Unica (CU)?

The Certificazione Unica (CU) is a mandatory document that every worker must receive every year. Generally the Certificazione Unica is received by:

  • your employer, if you are an employee; 
  • by the person who commissioned you a job, if you are self-employed;
  • by the INPS or other entities if you have received disoccupazione (unemployment), cassa integrazione, reddito di cittadinanza or other type economic support. 

Important: If you had more than one contract in the previous year (or were unemployed), you will receive more than one Certificazione Unica (CU). For example, if you worked for some months last year and then were unemployed (so you applied for unemployment at the INPS), you will receive a CU from your employer and one from the INPS. Or if you changed jobs the previous year, you will receive a CU from your old employer and one from your new employer.

To get your CU from INPS, you can go directly to the INPS counters in your area. Find the INPS in your area.

Or you can download it from the INPS website following this path: Prestazioni e Servizi → Servizi → lettera “C” → Certificazione unica (cittadino)

Remember that you must have the SPID to access the online files.

For what do you need the Certificazione Unica (CU)?

In general, you need the Certificazione Unica (CU) every time that you have to show your working income. For example, if you need to renew your residence permit for work purposes. 

The CU is an important document because it proves your income and also the taxes that the employer paid on your behalf. But sometimes, for example when you have more than one CU, the taxes paid by your employer may not be enough. In this case you will also have to make the dichiarazione dei redditi and bring with you all your CUs for verification. 

If you have to apply for economic support from the Government (such as baby bonuses, social bonuses, etc.) you will need a document called the ISEE. Find out more in this article.

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