Green Pass: mandatory for workers

From 15 October 2021, the Green Pass is mandatory in Italy for all workers to enter the workplace. This includes:

  • Public and private sector employees (such as office workers, carers, babysitters, etc.)
  • Self-employed with Partita IVA (VAT) and occasional workers such as plumbers and electricians
  • Interns
  • Volunteers

If you are a worker and you go to work without the Green Pass, your employer cannot fire you but you will not be paid for that day’s work. If this is repeated several times you may be temporarily suspended from work.

In case of inspections, if you don’t have the Green Pass you can receive a fine ranging from 600 and 1,500 euros. There is also a fine for the employer which varies from 400 to 1,000 euros.

If you cannot be vaccinated because of a medical condition, you can go to your family doctor who will issue you a certificate. However, this authorization is only granted in special cases and for important reasons. Many people who have diseases can take the vaccine, indeed the vaccine is an important protection for people who are in a weaker state.

Those who have the doctor’s permission not to be vaccinated can test for free (tampone) and so have the temporary green pass. For all other people, the test will cost between 8 and 15 euros.

Where else is the Green Pass required?

In Italy the Green Pass is also mandatory for:

  • Trains, buses, planes, ships, and ferries
  • Indoor tables of bars, pubs, restaurants
  • Cinemas, theaters, museums, and indoor concerts 
  • Gyms or indoor swimming pools
  • Fairs (fiere), congresses, festivals, and conventions
  • Attending parties and receptions
  • Participate in public competitions (concorsi pubblici)

This rule applies to all adults, including children from the age of 12. If you do not comply with this rule you risk having to pay a fine, which can go up to 400 euros.

Green Pass for traveling in Europe

The Green Pass is also used to travel around Europe from one country to another, avoiding quarantine. Every time you take a train, a ship, or a plane to cross the border you will have to show your ID and the Green Pass.

For the moment, the Green Pass is mandatory until 31 December 2021 when the state of health emergency in Italy ends.

What is the Green Pass?

The Green Pass, also called the EU Digital Covid Certificate, is a document that shows:

  1. You have gotten at least one dose of the anti-Covid19 vaccine
  2. You have had the Covid19 virus and you have healed
  3. You resulted negative to a Covid 19 test (antigen test serological test)

How can I get the Green Pass?

The Green Pass is free and can be requested online or in person, in paper or digital format (that you can download on your phone).

You can request the document online, following one of the 3 ways below:

You will also need a code that could have different names depending on where you receive it:

  • Codice AUTHCODE: you are given this code after getting the vaccine (one or two doses)
  • Codice CUN: you are given this code after taking a molecular test (tampone molecolare)
  • Codice NRFE: you are given this code after taking a rapid antigen test (tampone antigenico)
  • Codice NUGC: you are given this code by the doctor after recovering from Covid

If you prefer to request it in person, you can go to your doctor (medico di base), pediatrician, or pharmacy. Here, they will give you a paper copy to take with you of your Green Pass – you don’t pay to get the Green Pass at the pharmacy or at the doctor.

How long does the Green Pass last?

The duration of the Green Pass varies according to your situation:

  • If you have only taken one dose of the vaccine, the Green Pass is valid until the day of your second dose. Then you will be given a new Green Pass.
  • If you have completed the vaccine (you have done both doses or the single-dose vaccine) the Green Pass is valid for 9 months
  • If you have recovered from Covid and your isolation is over, the Green Pass is valid for 9 months.
    Remember that in this case, you must request the Green Pass from your doctor or the hospital doctor if you have been to the hospital.
  • If you have taken a rapid or molecular antigen test, the Green Pass is valid for 48 hours from when you took the test. In this case, the Green Pass is given to you directly by the person who administered the test

I am not registered with the Sistema Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), how can I get the Green Pass?

If you are not registered with the Italian national health system, called Sistema Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), you can still download the Green Pass from the website Certificazione Verde COVID-19, and entering the code (AUTHCODE) received via SMS or email, and the identity document you used when you took the vaccine or the test.

You can follow the instructions you find on the Certificazione Verde Covid site, in the section “NEW ” that you find on the right side of the screen or directly on this link.

I can’t find the code to download the Green Pass

If you have lost your code or you have never received it, you can request it again. This way you can easily download your Green Pass online.

The code AUTHCODE can always be requested on the Certificazione Verde Covid website.  You can go directly to this page and follow the instructions to get the code.

Remember that to request the code, you need tessera sanitaria.