Middle school

Children go to middle school (scuola media) from the age of 11 to 14 years old. Middle school comes after primary school and before secondary school.

insegnante scuola

Your child will go to middle school for 3 years. At the end of the third year, children must take and pass an exam to continue to secondary school.

How do I send my children to middle school?

For public schools, you will apply online. You must be a parent or the legal caretaker of the child. Learn how to register your child for school.

The first time you access the registration site, you will create an account with your information. You will enter your child’s personal information.

You must also enter information about the school you want your child to attend. You will need the codes of each school that you can find in the scuola in chiaro.

When do children go to middle school?

Children attend middle school from September to June. When you enroll your child, you may choose regular hours or a longer schedule. The regular schedule is 30 hours every week. The longer schedule is 36-40 hours a week. Many schools have both timetables, but some schools only have the regular timetable. You can ask the school about the schedules.

The children on the regular schedule go to school only until lunchtime. The children with the long schedule go in the afternoon, too, on 2 or 3 days per week. If your child is on the longer timetable, you can decide whether they will have lunch at school or at home.

What subjects do children learn in middle school?

  • In middle school your child will learn: Italian, English, history, geography, mathematics, science, music, art, physical education, technology, citizenship and the constitution.
  • Schools also offer Catholic religion as an optional class. The students who do not choose this course can study another subject, have an hour of assisted study, or enter school late or leave early.

How much does it cost?

Middle school is free (except for private schools, where families pay fees). But you will have some expenses. Read about the costs of school and help with expenses from the ISEE.

The libretto

The school will give your child a booklet called a libretto. The booklet is just for your child. It is used for:

  • communication between the school and the family
  • reasons (sickness, delays) for absences
  • grades for each subject

Students must always carry the libretto to and from school. As a parent, you will need to check the libretto often.

Do you need more information?

Here are some useful Italian words that will help you if you want to do more research on the internet:

  • “informazioni scuola secondaria di primo grado“
  • “scuola media (informazioni, iscrizioni)“

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