How to talk to teachers at school

Your children will spend a lot of time at school. It is an important part of their lives. You will want to have good communication with your child’s school and know how to talk to teachers.

Communication between a child’s school and their home is important because:

  • it helps children when they first settle into school
  • it helps you understand how your child is doing at school
  • it helps you know if your child is having a problem in school so that you can talk to the teacher about how to help your child.

Ways to communicate and talk to teachers

The way teachers and parents communicate can change depending on the school. You should ask the school what is the best way to keep in touch with them and communicate with teachers:

The libretto

Many schools use a diary or booklet (libretto in Italian) to write to parents.

Parent-teacher meetings

Schools organize parent-teacher meetings every few months. Make sure to attend those meetings to learn how your child is doing.

Individual meetings

If you need to talk to the teachers about anything, you can ask to have an individual meeting. This is easy to arrange. It is okay to ask – you do not need to wait for the teacher to set the meeting.

The class teacher

If your child has many teachers, there may be one class teacher that parents talk to. The meetings and talks with these teachers are private. Don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher about anything you are worried about that may be affecting your child, even if it is a family matter.

If your child needs language help

If your child’s first language is not Italian, he or she will find school hard at first. Talk to the teachers about it. Many schools offer additional classes on many subjects. They may also offer language support for children who are still learning Italian. The school will tell you about the classes they offer and they will tell you where your child can take additional language classes. Together you can find a good way to help your child!

Children with disabilities

Parents who have children with disabilities or special needs must tell the school about the health and needs of the child. Together with the school, you can make a plan for your child that the school will follow.

Keep in touch with other parents, too!

Many parents in Italy like to keep in touch with other parents in the class. Your child will spend many hours in school and will make friends here. Being in contact with other parents keeps you in touch with what is going on. Parents also help each other with picking up children from school and other activities.