Quality license for housekeepers, caregivers and babysitters (Patente di qualità)

Patente di qualità (quality license) is a certificate that recognizes the professional skills of domestic workers such as housekeepers, caregivers, and babysitters. With this document, you can easily demonstrate your skills when looking for a job. To get the license you have to take a course and a final exam in an authorized center.

The quality license, also known as patente di qualità, is a document certifying the skills of domestic workers like housekeepers, caregivers, and babysitters.

With this certificate, domestic workers can officially demonstrate their professional skills and employers can assess the professionalism of the people who will take care of their home and their family.

Domestic workers who have obtained a quality license can write in their CV that they have the license, and thus have a better chance when looking for a job.

If you are interested in obtaining a quality license, read the information below regarding the requirements and how to obtain a license.

The quality license can be obtained by workers who:

  • have had a regular contract for domestic work of at least 12 months (even if not continuous) in the last 3 years
  • have a basic knowledge of the Italian language
  • participated in a training course (corso di formazione)

This training course lasts 40 hours for housekeepers (colf), and 64 hours for caregivers (badanti) and babysitters and to obtain the quality license you have to pass two exams, one written and one oral.

These examinations are held in the same places that organize the training courses.

As already explained, the quality license is useful both to the worker and to the employer. In fact, the quality license serves to show that you can do the job well and that you have specific professional knowledge.
For example, in the case of caregivers and babysitters, the license certifies that workers are able to save the lives of children and the elderly in particular situations, like in the case of suffocation.
For caregivers, the license recognizes their ability to identify illness or physical problems and maintain the hygiene of the person under their care.
Furthermore, all the people who obtain the license are well informed about the code of behavior to be maintained in the workplace: they know the rules that must be respected when working in other people’s homes or with children, the elderly, and sick people.

Having a quality license does not automatically guarantee a job opportunity. The license, however, is today considered a useful tool because it officially recognizes the professional skills of the worker, and gives more tools and safety to the employer during the interview phase.

The training courses are offered by various accredited bodies (enti accreditati) throughout the Italian territory. In the same places, it will be possible to take the exams.
If you are interested in finding a training course near you or simply would like to read more information about it, you can search online by writing:

– “corso per patente di qualità colf, badanti e babysitter” + [your city]

For more information, you can also contact the nearest union (sindacato) in particular the ones representing domestic workers, such as:

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