Certificazione delle conoscenze linguistiche (Certificates of Language Proficiency): When Do I Need Them and Why?

For those who choose to live, study, or work in Italy, sufficient knowledge of the Italian language is essential. Cetificazioni delle conoscenze linguistiche are valuable tools for demonstrating your level of language proficiency. Discover what certificazione linguistica is, when you need it, and where you can take the language test.

What is a certificazione linguistica?

The certificazione linguistica is an official document issued by recognized institutions that confirms your level of language proficiency. This document is very important for both studying and working in Italy. If you want to become an Italian citizen, it may also be necessary to demonstrate your knowledge of the Italian language.

Language levels

There are different levels of language proficiency ranging from basic to advanced:

  • A1 and A2, Elementary User, which indicates a basic level of Italian proficiency;
  • B1 and B2, Independent User, which indicates the ability to speak the language autonomously;
  • C1 and C2, Proficient User, which indicates an excellent command of the language.

Each level demonstrates and corresponds to your ability to comprehend, speak, write, and communicate in the language being learned. Gradually, the levels show progression from basic phrases to being able to communicate at an advanced level.

When do I need a certificazione linguistica?

Certificazione linguistica is required in various situations, such as:

  • Permesso di soggiorno di lungo periodo UE (for long-term EU residence permits): If you are applying for this permit you should demonstrate language proficiency at the A2 level.
  • For cittadinanza italiana (Italian citizenship): If you want to apply for Italian citizenship, a B1 language certificate may be required. If you already have a permesso di soggiorno di lungo periodo UE, you will not need to take the language test.

Where can I take the Language test?

Language tests can be booked at specialized centers and authorized language institutes.

Some of the well-known organizations offering language tests in Italy include:

  • Centri provinciali per l’istruzione degli adulti (provincial centers for adult education (CPIA). You can search for one close to you on Google by typing “CPIA + name of your city”;
  • Certification Bodies: Organizations such as the University of Roma Tre, the University for Foreigners Perugia, and the University of Siena are well-known for issuing language certificates in Italy;
  • Language Schools: Private language schools often offer preparation courses and tests for language certificates.

You can submit an application to the Prefettura (office) of the province where you reside and take the language test through this website.interno.gov.it/

Remember, you need to have an SPID.

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