Working in Italy

In order to find a job, it is important to explain exactly what you can do, your skills and what you have studied. This information must be written in a clear and well-organised way. Learn how to write a CV and a cover letter that can help you if you are looking for work in Italy.

Job Clinic Online

Job Clinic Online is a digital platform to help people with a migrant background, refugees and asylum seekers to overcome…

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CV templates: different types and which one to choose

There are so many different templates that you can use to write your curriculum vitae. There is no perfect template…

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How to write your resume (CV)

The resume, also called Curriculum Vitae or CV, is a summary of your professional life. The resume is your first…

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Mistakes to avoid in the CV

Employers or recruiters may only spend a few seconds reading your resume, which is why it is important to avoid…

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How to include references when applying for a job

References are written about your work and your skills. They are written by people you know and you have worked…

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How to write a cover letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to briefly explain who you are, your experiences and why you think you…

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