Working in Italy

Having professional skills is very helpful when looking for a job. Professional skills are responsibilities and knowledge that can help you to work better or to find new job opportunities. Find out which skills can be most useful and how to get them.

Forklift certification – Patentino per Carrelli Elevatori (muletti)

Carrelli elevatori (forklifts), also called muletti, are machines used to transport and move goods and loads in many workplaces like…

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Professional training courses: what they are and how they work

Professional courses, or corsi di formazione professionale in italian, help you obtain the knowledge and qualification you need in order…

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Courses to become Operatore Socio Sanitario (OSS) – (health worker)

The health worker, operatore socio-sanitario or OSS in Italian, is the person who carries out basic health care for the…

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Courses to become an intercultural mediator (mediatore interculturale)

The mediatore interculturale, or intercultural mediator, is the person who helps people of different languages and cultures to communicate more…

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Useful resources for training and job support

Working is important in order to be independent and live well in a new country. But it is often not…

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Quality license for housekeepers, caregivers and babysitters (Patente di qualità)

The quality license, also known as patente di qualità, is a document certifying the skills of domestic workers like housekeepers,…

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