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Your stories

Many people leave their countries of origin and arrive in Italy to build a new life. Just like you.
Some of them have decided to tell their story and share their experiences.



Si ha paura quando non si conoscono le storie delle persone

“È stato facile? No.”
“Impossibile? Neanche.”
“N’è valsa la pena? Assolutamente!”

Bisognava studiare, dovevo farlo soprattutto per integrarmi


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ItaliaHello is a non-profit organization that uses the internet and digital technology to help migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees access multilingual information and resources that are useful for their life in Italy.

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Access to verified and trusted information is one of the key ingredients for effective and safe integration. Knowing what happens in Italy, being aware of training and work opportunities, and how to access local services allows newcomers to regain their autonomy and to contribute to the growth of the country.

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