Health in Italy

Newcomers without documents or waiting for a residence permit can access healthcare. To be treated, however, they must request a document called tesserino STP / ENI. In this section you can find some important information that will help you understand how to get the tesserino and the Italian clinics and associations that offer health care.

Tesserino STP

What is the tesserino STP? The tesserino STP is a document that allows people without a permesso di soggiorno to…

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Ambulatori for Stranieri Temporaneamente Presenti (STP)

Foreign citizens who do not have a valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) cannot register with the national Italian health…

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Dottore che guarda le analisi

Tesserino ENI

Citizens of the European Union: who are in Italy without a certificato di regolarità di soggiorno or residenza (and cannot…

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Healthcare for illegal foreigners provided by Italian associations

In Italy, foreign citizens who do not have a valid residence permit cannot be registered with the national health service,…

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