Italian culture

Leave your country and move to a new one means having to learn many new things. Not only do you need to discover a new culture, but you also need to understand the services and activities around you work. On this page we give you some useful information for your daily life in Italy.

Condominium rules: living well together

Every condominium has its own “regulations” that define the rules to be respected to live without disturbing each other. These…

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Ragazza che cammina con borsa della spesa

Shopping: information on shops and markets

In Italy you can find many types of shops. There are small or large shops, shops that sell many different…

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Ragazzi che aspettano la tramvia

Means of transport

In general, in Italy there are many types of means of transport available to move from one place to another.…

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Lezione di guida

Driving licence

To drive a car, a motorbike or a moped in Italy is necessary to know well the rules of the…

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Access to case popolari

The case popolari are state-built houses that the Comune makes available to citizens with economic difficulties at a very low…

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Residenza, domicilio and ospitalità: what are the differences

A person with foreign origin living in Italy needs a place to live (a house) also to renew his residence…

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