Useful resources for training and job support

Some organizations offer free programs that can help with your professional training. These organizations can also help you realize your work project. Find out more about these opportunities in Italy.

Working is important in order to be independent and live well in a new country. But it is often not easy to find a job. In Italy, in fact, the number of people without jobs is quite high, not only among foreign people, but also among Italians. Many organizations work and develop projects to help migrants and refugees improve their skills to find a job, fulfil a business idea and receive support. On this page, you will find a list of useful resources and tools for migrants regarding work.

SINGA is an organization that works to strengthen the presence of migrants and refugees in the job market in Italy. You can contact them if:

  • You have a business in Italy, and you need help to make it grow;
  • You have a business idea and need help to develop it;

To participate in the programs, it is necessary to speak and understand the Italian language well enough and have medium level professional skills.

What services do they offer?

Among the main services offered are:

  • Training to help you develop your idea, understand what it means to be an entrepreneur in Italy, and learn about the stories of other people who have been successful in their business.
  • Support to carry out your project, help with the search for funding, legal procedures, and the development of your business.
  • Professional Mentoring. An expert will follow you through for 4 months, give you advice and help you in your idea.

To participate, you must submit your idea and answer a few questions about your background and experience.

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Mygrants is an application that supports migrants in training and skills analysis in order to help them find a job.

This can be useful if you want to improve your knowledge and if you have already started training in your country. You will learn new things through quizzes that are translated into English, French, and Italian.

What information can you find?

In general, the information you find is divided into these main categories:

  • Information. Qui troverai informazioni in generale che riguardano diritti, doveri e funzionamento del sistema d’asilo italiano ed europeo; Here you will find general information regarding the rights, duties and the way the Italian and European asylum system operates;
  • Training. In this section, quizzes are designed to add value to your technical and language skills.
  • Entrepreneurship. This section offers useful information on how to realize a business idea.

Depending on the courses taken and the modules completed, your skills are updated and you are awarded points that determine your level.
In the personal area you can also upload your CV (remember to add the updated version).

The program analyzes the data collected from the profile of members (CVs and courses taken) and facilitates the meeting between people with the most skills and the job opportunities available at that moment.

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MicroLab is an association that offers help and training to the people who want to start an economic activity. This is for Italians and foreigners with a regular residence permit (permesso di soggiorno).
Microlab is active in several Italian cities. The MicroLab team and the volunteers offer assistance both in the initial phase of opening the business as well as with developing and growing the business.

What are the services MicroLab offers?

The main activities of MicroLab are:

  • Mentoring. Mentoring is the support given by an expert. If you are a young entrepreneur and you need the help of a more experienced person to open your business or to grow it, then you can ask for this program.
  • Training. It is also possible to follow training courses for young entrepreneurs who want to improve their knowledge. This is so they can better realize their business idea. The courses can last several weeks or even just one day. Many courses are also online.

Generally these courses are in Italian so you must have an average knowledge of the language to be able to attend.

There are also special training courses for holders of international protection. Free financial education courses (individual or in  group) are also available for refugees and asylum seekers so that they get to know, plan and make better use of their economic resources when starting a business.

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