Technical schools – Istituti tecnici

"Istituti tecnici", or technical schools, are one type of secondary school. These schools offer more technical training, especially in the economic or technological sector. After completing this school, you can directly look for a job or go to university.

Technical schools are one of the types of secondary schools. Technical schools give technical and practical training and last 5 years. At the end of the fifth year, students must pass a final exam to have the diploma.

After technical school, students can choose to look for a job directly or go to university to continue studying.

What do they teach in technical schools?

Schools can be in the economic or technological fields.

Economic sector

  • Administration, finance and marketing
    To learn how companies organize their work and manage different activities, such as the production and marketing of their products
  • Tourism
    For people who want to work in tourism, such as hotel and hospitality, entertainment, guide and accompaniment of tourists, travel organization and booking (ex. travel agencies and tour operators)

Technology sector

  • Mechanics, mechatronics and energy
    To study and build the machines and devices used in industries and in the environmental and energy fields
  • Transport and logistics
    For students who want to study connection and transport systems (ex. naval, land and air)
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
    To learn electronics and robotics (how electronics works in a company)
  • IT and Telecommunications
    The rules and technologies used in information technology and communication
  • Graphics and communication
    For people who want to work in communication, advertising and learn how to design an image.
  • Chemistry, materials and biotechnology
    To learn the chemical and biological processes and techniques used in pharmaceutical, food and environmental production
  • Fashion
    For people who want to work in the fashion world, creating clothes, shoes and other products
  • Agriculture, agri-food and agro-industry
    You can study how agricultural, agri-food and agro-industrial products are produced and processed
  • Construction, environment and territory
    To learn how to work in construction and in the construction field

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