APPs for learning Italian

A very useful way to improve your Italian is by training with apps that you can download for free on your phone. There are many different applications, some designed precisely for those who arrive in Italy and are unfamiliar with the language and society.

To learn the language it is important to attend an Italian course because teachers can help you learn faster and discover many things about Italy. But in addition to language courses, you can improve your Italian with apps that you can download on your smartphone and that will help you do exercises, learn new words, and improve your pronunciation.


This app is designed for people who have recently arrived in Italy and want to learn the Italian language. It is also useful to discover the Italian society better and integrate into this country.


AtayaApp is designed for people who cannot read and write well or for those people who cannot always attend an Italian language course. It has many videos and many dialogues and it explains the words used in many aspects of life (work, health, food).


This application has many grammar and phonetic exercises to improve your pronunciation. The platform is very simple to use. The basic level is free.


This application includes a wide variety of exercises. You can also connect with native speakers to receive help while you study.


This application has an Italian language course which is like a game: you have to answer the questions correctly to level up. You can train yourself to improve your Italian.


 This application teaches the Italian language using your visual memory. The exercises ask you to associate pictures with words. According to Memrise, you can learn up to 40 words in an hour.

Rosetta Stone

This application focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

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