Positive outcome: the giuramento (oath)

If you have all the necessary requirements and have attached all the right documents to your application, you will receive a letter at home informing you that you have obtained citizenship. However, before you officially become an Italian citizen you will have to do one last thing: the giuramento. Find out in this article what is the giuramento is and what you need to do.

After receiving the letter with the positive outcome of your citizenship application, you must take the giuramento (oath). The giuramento is the last step in obtaining citizenship.

What is the giuramento (of citizenship)?

If you do not know what you have to do the day of the giuramento, here is a simple explanation: you will have to swear allegiance to the Italian Republic in front of an official of your Comune di residenza, saying the phrase “Giuro di essere fedele alla Repubblica e di osservare la Costituzione e le leggi dello Stato “. Here is a video that can help you understand better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-5dqkMGKsU.

In order to set the date of the giuramento, you need to call the Ufficio di Stato of your Comune di residenza and book a first appointment. On this appointment, you will need to present your documents.

IMPORTANT: It is mandatory that you book this first appointment within 6 months from the date on which you received the letter with the positive outcome of the citizenship application. After 6 months, the decision on your citizenship application is no longer valid and you will no longer be able to obtain citizenship.

The documents you need to show are:

  • Certificato di nascita (birth certificate) translated and legalized
  • Passport or carta d’identità
  • Permesso di soggiorno
  • Letter with the outcome of your application
  • Receipt of notification from the Prefettura

If your documents are ok, you can set the date of the giuramento.

You officially become an Italian citizen from the day following that of the giuramento. So, if your giuramento day is October 10, you become an Italian citizen from October 11.

As an Italian citizen you can request a new carta d’identità and an Italian passport.

Remember that if you have children under 18 who live with you, they too obtain Italian citizenship.

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