Learn Italian with mobile learning apps

Maybe you do not have a computer for learning Italian. But do you have a mobile phone? If you want to learn Italian on your mobile phone or tablet, language learning apps are the best option for you.

sitting woman reading on cellphone

Here are some of the best learning apps for Italian. The links will take you to the main website. Then you can find the right app for your type of mobile phone.


This app has many grammar exercises and also phonetic exercises to improve your pronunciation. The platform is very intuitive.


This app includes a wide variety of exercises. You can also interact with native speakers to get help while you study.


This app has an Italian language course where learning is like a game: you have to correctly answer questions in order to move up each level.


This app teaches the Italian language using your visual memory. The exercises ask you to match images with words. Memrise says that with this method you can learn up to 40 words every hour.

Rosetta Stone

This app focuses on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.