Bonus PC or Computer Bonus

The Computer Bonus is a discount for families who don't have a computer or internet at home. With this bonus, it is possible to have a fast internet connection and even a tablet or computer. However, the bonus must be requested directly from the telephone operator. Read what the rules are for claiming this discount.

With the Computer Bonus, it is possible to have a discount in order to activate an internet connection at home and to have a computer or tablet.
This bonus is active from October 2020 and you have until October 1st, 2021 to apply, but if you are interested, we advise you not to wait many months because the funds made available by the government may run out sooner.

The procedure could seem a little difficult. Below, you will find a simple explanation on how to request the bonus correctly.

This bonus is a help that is given to families to buy an internet connection if there is not one already, or switch to a faster connection, and to have a computer or a tablet.
The amount can range from 200 to 500 euros depending on the economic conditions of the family. Be careful because this is not a refund and NO money will be refunded to you. Instead, it is a discount on the price that you should pay for an internet connection or getting a more powerful one.

Firstly, to apply for the bonus you will need the ISEE, a document that shows your economic situation.

  1. If your ISEE is lower than 20,000 euro, you can have a 500 euro discount. This amount is divided as follows: 200 euros to buy the internet connection if you do not have it at home, or to get a faster one that the one you already have at home; 300 euros to get a computer or a tablet (you can NOT request a smartphone).
  2. If your ISEE is between 20,000 and 50,000 euros, the discount you can have is 200 euros just for the internet connection.

You can apply for the ISEE in a patronato (associations that help people and workers to apply for a bonus). They will be able to help you and explain what to do.
Here you find the links of centres and patronati that can offer you support:

You can also search for the closest to you by writing on Google: patronato + name of the city where you live.

The bonus must be requested directly from the telephone company that offers the internet connection. You can NOT claim the bonus in an appliance store or computer shop.

Even if the telephone company does not tell you about the bonus, ask for it and check if you can request it.

There are some important things you need to know and pay attention, before claiming the bonus:

  1. The refund is only given one time. Once the discount is over, you will pay the bills normally with the price written in the contract. Check the price with the telephone company with and without a bonus to be sure you will be able to pay without difficulty.
  2. The computer or tablet you are given is NOT yours but loaned for a period of time decided by the telephone company. This means that you can not sell or give them away. There are also rules you will need to follow if the computer/tablet breaks or gets lost. Always check with the telephone company before signing the contract.

You can not claim the bonus in a computer shop, but you need to go to a store that offers internet connections.

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